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    This discussion focuses on issues surrounding presenting independent projects locally and internationally.

    Though part of an international community, independent art initiatives are often initially established as a response to their local conditions, needs, and concerns.

    With increased interest and opportunities from international organizers to present these projects outside of their usual milieus, the challenge is making an effective transition between local and international platforms. Much of the effort is maintaining a project's specificity among all the presenters and attempting to have it successfully translate to a different audience, especially in varying contexts such as museums, non-profit festivals, art fairs, government cultural forums, etc.

    What are some concerns and strategies in toggling between local and international presentations? What are the goals at these events? What type of audience/colleague interaction would be most productive for you? Are there past or upcoming events/fairs/presentation opportunities you would like to share?
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    How is old this moderator input? Probably we have also a problem of attention and real involvement of the audience.

    For example, I think that a lot of art is now watching on internet through fast pics..
    I think we have to give dignity also to this first level (the opposite side of tino seghal). Sometimes stopping to this level is already sufficient, sometime it have to be only a first level. In this case we are speaking about the "aesthetics of information" and the mass-media filter.

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    Basekamp, a collaborative organization based in Philadelphia, has been presenting an interesting year-long project called "Plausible World" that bridges local and international alternative models -- essentially creating a new platform for sharing and presenting efforts around the globe. There are different way to participate in their potluck style weekly meetings with other organizations, using skype to connect everyone to the featured guest. Definitely worth checking out:

    "Plausible Artworlds is a project to collect and share knowledge about alternative models of creative practice. From alternative economies and open source culture to secessions and other social experiments, Plausible Artworlds is a platform for research and participation with artworlds that present a distinct alternative to mainstream culture.

    The aim of the project is to bring awareness to the potential of these artworlds as viable “cultural ecosystems” that provide both pedagogical and practical solutions to a range of emergent socio-cultural challenges. We view Plausible Artworlds as an opportunity to discuss the interdisciplinary role of artist as creative problem solver and the expanding notion of what an artworld looks and feels like ..."
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    I have learned a lot.

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